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Press Releases 10.29.2020

White House’s vaccine coverage plan fails to lower cost for Americans

Donald Trump is once again hoping that a last-minute PR stunt is going to disguise his failure to stop Big Pharma price gouging. Let’s be clear: vaccines and treatments for COVID are not free–Americans have already paid more than $12 billion in tax dollars to develop and manufacture them. Thanks to Trump’s refusal to rein in Big Pharma’s monopoly power to set prices, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance corporations will be required to pay Big Pharma whatever price the corporations set for these drugs. That means taxpayers will get stuck paying twice as costs are shifted into higher premiums and increased taxes.

Press Releases 10.28.2020

New findings of Sackler family greed highlight Trump’s failed leadership

The Oversight Committee’s findings that the Sackler family continued to push opioids into the market even after a settlement with the DOJ in 2007 inspire further outrage over the Trump Administration’s legal settlements that fail to hold Big Pharma executives accountable for their greed. The Sackler family knowingly peddled a dangerous drug that has cost the lives of more than 750,000 Americans to date, and created years of needless suffering for millions more. These families deserve justice, not more of the same for their neighbors and communities.

Press Releases 10.26.2020

Statement on Senate Republicans vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett

Today’s vote puts Americans one step closer to losing access to affordable health care, including access to affordable medicines that millions need to stay alive. No one in America wants to find themselves seriously ill and unable to see a doctor or get the medicines they need   to get better or take care of their families, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Press Releases 10.21.2020

New Poll: Latinos Want Action to Ensure COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines Are Affordable

Over Half Know Someone Diagnosed with COVID-19  

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new survey of Latino registered voters in Arizona, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania conducted by Lake Research Partners on behalf of UnidosUS Action Fund and Lower Drug Prices Now found that Latinos are very concerned about the cost of prescription drugs, and close to 90 percent say the government should “make prescription drugs that were developed using research funded by taxpayer money available at an affordable price.”

Press Releases 10.21.2020

Statement on the Trump Administration’s settlement with Purdue Pharma: 

“This settlement is a betrayal to the families of the more than 750,000 Americans who have lost their lives due to the opioid epidemic and countless others whose lives have been shattered by addiction. According to this settlement, not one of Purdue Pharma’s top executives has yet been held criminally liable for their role in the opioid epidemic. And thanks to Trump’s Justice Department, the Sacklers will still come out ahead, with the fine making up only a fraction of the profit one of the country’s richest families made from peddling poison to Americans in pain.

Press Releases 10.20.2020

In New Ads, Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Highlight What’s at Stake this Election: “My life is on the line”

Battleground digital ads urge Americans at risk of losing health care to vote this November

WASHINGTON — Today, ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Amy Coney Barrett, Lower Drug Prices Now and Hero Action Fund launched a new ad campaign featuring real life stories from people about what’s at stake in this election when it comes to access to affordable health care.

Press Releases 10.16.2020

Statement on state Attorneys General urging changes to expected Purdue Pharma settlement

“Attorney General Bill Barr should take this opportunity to listen. Unlike Trump’s Justice Department, these state Attorneys General have witnessed first-hand the destruction caused by Purdue Pharma in their communities across this country. The Sackler family built a multi-million dollar business out of pushing addictive painkillers to Americans, reaping billions in profits while opioid addictions and overdoses killed hundreds of thousands of people and devastated millions of families from coast to coast. Purdue Pharma is about as far from a ‘public benefit company’ as you can get. Yet the Trump administration will continue letting the corporation sell OxyContin on behalf of state and local governments, putting more lives and families at risk rather than holding Purdue accountable for the tremendous harm they have inflicted on countless communities.

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