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Archive 09.06.2020

GUEST COLUMN: Rural residents depend on postal service

The Courier – 9/6/20

The mail has always been a lifeline for rural Americans to get access to health care. Last year, the postal service delivered over a billion prescriptions. Millions more now depend on the postal service for medicines because of coronavirus: There’s been a 21% increase since March in people getting medicines in the mail.

Archive 08.26.2020

Letter to the Editor: Lifesaving Medicines are Out of Our Reach

TAP into Barnegat/Waretown – 8/26/20

Archive 08.13.2020

Government should step in on drug prices

PBS NJTV – 8/13/20

In New Jersey, Assemblyman Jack McKeon says the state has battled the federal government to maintain a robust state exchange and has even sponsored a bill to tax plans for individuals and companies as a way to subsidize plans for poor and middle-class residents.

Archive 08.12.2020

Survey finds New Jerseyans want elected leaders to rein in prescription drug, healthcare costs during COVID-19 pandemic

Insider NJ – 8/12/20

“The time for Congress to take on drug corporations’ monopoly price-gouging is long overdue,” said Margarida Jorge, Campaign Director for Lower Drug Prices Now. “As long as Congress keeps handing taxpayer funding for new COVID medicines and treatments to drug corporations with no strings attached, drug corporations will do what they always do: price gouge patients to inflate their profits just as they have in every other epidemic and public health crisis. Lawmakers must stand up to big Pharma business-as-usual and pass legislation to hold them accountable so that medicine is affordable for all.”

Archive 08.05.2020

Stop Pandemic Vaccine Price Gouging Before It Starts

News Lincoln County – 8/5/20

Senator Tina Smith (D-Minn.)and Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.)The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a public health and economic crisis that has ravaged communities across the United States. Millions of individuals have been infected with the virus, and the economic fallout from the pandemic will likely be felt for years to come. Safe, effective, and accessible medications—including a future vaccine—are essential to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.After investing billions of dollars into the development and manufacturing of several COVID-19 treatments and vaccine candidates, the American people deserve access to these medications without financial barriers.

Archive 07.30.2020

Greenfield promises to support Medicare, Affordable Care Act, in town hall

Quad City Times – 7/30/20

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Theresa Greenfield, in a virtual town hall Thursday, promised to support Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

The U.S. Voter Series: Medicare Anniversary Town Hall included Greenfield; moderator Kay Pence, vice president of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans; and at least 14 other attendees in a remote session.

Archive 07.06.2020

Des Moines Register

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