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CMS Inflation Reduction Act Implementation Timeline


Affordable Care Act

People covered under ACA insurance plans continued to save on insurance coverage during Open Enrollment for 2023 coverage

Medicare Part B qualifying biosimilars

Starting October 1, 2022, Medicare began temporarily paying an add on fee of 8% instead of 6% for qualifying biosimilars to encourage competition, …

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Big Pharma Spends Lavishly on Stock Buybacks

This one-pager shows Big Pharma’s lavish spending on stock buybacks.

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Maine Report: Connecting the Dots on Pharma Lobbying, Donations & Senator Collins’ Votes

This report by Lower Drug Prices Now highlights how drug corporations’ spending on lobbying and elections match up with Senator Susan Collins’ votes on health care and prescription drug pricing. Connecting the Dots on Pharma Lobbying, Political Donations and Senator Collins’ Votes on Drug Pricing and Access, shows that while Senator Collins claims to be independent from the Trump Administration and the drug industry, her votes tell a different story.

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Myth vs. Fact: The Truth About PhRMA’s Drug Price Reform Lies

This two-pager calls out Big Pharma’s lies and spells out the facts on who really pays for Rx innovation and how we can lower prices.

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REPORT: “Pandemic Profiteering: How Pharma Insiders Are Using News of Government Awards and Trial Results to Boost Their Stock Prices and Profiteer Without a Vaccine.”

Top 5 lies Pharma is telling about drug pricing

This two pager highlights the lies Big Pharma is telling to combat measures that would lower prescription drug prices.

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Which Bill Really Lowers Drug Prices?

This two pager shows the differences between H.R. 3 and the Reduced Costs and Continued Cures Act.

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UnidosUS Latinx Poll Results

Lower Drug Prices Now worked with UnidosUS and Lake Research Partners to conduct a national survey of Latinx voters on the COVID-19 pandemic and prescription drug affordability. The polling included an over-sample of registered Latinx voters in Arizona, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

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How Big Pharma’s Racist Price Gouging Kills Black and Brown Folks

How Big Pharma’s Racist Price Gouging Kills Black and Brown Folks

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