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Press Releases 12.19.2021

Manchin’s opposition to BBB can’t be final word on drug pricing

Senator Manchin’s opposition to Build Back Better is a major blow against lowering prescription drug prices and holding Big Pharma accountable for price gouging. Refusing support for this bill means drug corporations can keep their monopoly power to set prices high and keep raising them even if seniors, patients and families go without life-saving medicines they need. Senator Manchin’s announcement puts him on the wrong side when it comes to affordable prescriptions.

Press Releases 12.10.2021

Senators can help stop Pharma’s price gouging practices

We applaud the House Oversight Committee for its three-year investigation, which lays out in detail how Big Pharma’s profit-driven practices are making it harder for families nationwide to afford their prescription drugs, especially in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic. 

Press Releases 12.06.2021

Senate must heed Biden’s call to pass Rx pricing reform

Lowering prescription drug prices is one of the most immediate and significant ways we can help families currently struggling with high costs. President Biden’s focus on lowering costs for seniors, people who rely on insulin, and working families is critically important to making sure the Build Back Better Act passes quickly.

Press Releases 11.19.2021

BBB Act passes House, establishing a foundation for drug pricing reform

The House’s passage of the Build Back Better Act is a significant first step toward breaking up Pharma’s monopoly power over prices and making medicines more affordable for millions. 

LDPN in the News 11.16.2021

Rx companies continue price gouging Americans

It is absolutely ridiculous that at the same time Big Pharma is spending literally hundreds of millions of dollars to try and stop lawmakers from lowering prescription drug prices for families, they’re also raising prices of the most expensive drugs in the U.S. to inflate profits.

Press Releases 11.03.2021

Rx drug deal is welcome news

Reports that Democrats in Congress have stepped back from the legislative and political abyss by deciding to include prescription drug reform in the Build Back Better plan is welcome news. Not only has poll after poll shown that this is a top concern for voters, but Democrats have been campaigning and winning on this issue for years. 

Press Releases 10.28.2021

Build Back Better is insufficient without Rx pricing reform

While some parts of the Build Back Better framework may be historic, without meaningful prescription drug reform that enables the federal government to negotiate lower prices we cannot truly build back better as a nation. 

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