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Press Releases 01.21.2021

Warnock & Ossoff’s campaign to lower Rx costs was a winning platform

History was made in more ways than one today. Raphael Warnock became the first Black Senator and Jon Ossoff the first Jewish Senator to represent the state of Georgia in Washington, DC.  

Press Releases 01.13.2021

PhRMA should permanently end political contributions

Big Pharma has jumped on the bandwagon of industries hoping to get a PR boost out of the attack on the Capitol. For the good of the American people, their temporary end to political contributions should be made permanent. 

Press Releases 01.11.2021

Personal profits were always pharma’s priority

Novavax’s executives are just the latest Big Pharma players to follow the same pandemic profiteering playbook: drive market speculation with PR announcements, watch stock prices skyrocket, then pocket hundreds of millions of dollars when they think no one’s looking. 

Press Releases 01.07.2021

In keeping Slaoui, Biden keeps Pharma’s revolving door open

Americans deserve a clean break from the Trump administration’s botched COVID response that has cost us 350,000 lives to date and bungled everything from testing to the vaccine rollout. Rather than inviting Moncef Slaoui, who has long been a controversial leader at Operation Warp Speed because of ethics conflicts, the Biden administration should stop the revolving door of Big Pharma cronies who undermine public confidence in government agencies and put Pharma profits ahead of public health.  

Press Releases 01.06.2021

Biden must take full advantage of a Democratic Congress

Voters in Georgia turned out in record numbers yesterday in two races where health care and democracy were central themes. Yesterday, voters sent a loud and clear message: we need elected leaders that will ensure everyone has access to the healthcare and affordable medicines we need, especially during a pandemic that on that same day killed a record number of people.  

Press Releases 01.05.2021

Drug price hikes highlight need for Biden Admin action

It’s disappointing — but hardly surprising — that even in the middle of a global pandemic, drug corporations have continued to hike the prices of drugs people depend on for their health and–sometimes–even their survival. While Americans started 2021 facing the worst health and economic crisis in modern history, drug corporations rang in the New Year by raising their prices on more than 300 drugs.  

Press Releases 12.17.2020

The Sackler family can’t shift blame for 750,000+ deaths

Today David and Kathe Sackler will try to shift blame away from their family corporation, Purdue Pharma, despite overwhelming evidence that the corporation’s exploitative marketing fueled a man-made epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people while making them huge profits. But Americans from all walks of life and in every corner of the nation who have suffered the consequences of opioid addiction know all too well the role that drug corporations like Purdue have played in destroying millions of lives. 

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