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LDPN In the News 05.28.2020

Ethics complaint filed to force Trump’s COVID-19 Vaccine Czar — a former pharma exec — to submit to ethics rules

Common Dreams – 5/28/20

“Trump has put a pharmaceutical executive in charge of handing out the government contracts for coronavirus vaccine development. How could this possibly go wrong?”

Archive 05.28.2020

Protestors rally in cars in front of Senator Susan Collins’ offices around the state

WABI – 5/28/20

Protestors took to their cars to rally in front of Senator Susan Collins’ offices around the state including in Bangor.

They’re calling for Senator Collins and Congress to stop what they call pharmaceutical profiteering.

Archive 05.28.2020

Protesters rally for affordable COVID-19 treatment

FOX Bangor – 5/28/20

The Maine People’s Alliance rallied for affordable treatment and an affordable vaccine for COVID-19 at Sen. Susan Collins‘ three offices across the state Thursday, including in Bangor.

People rallying Thursday stayed in cars and circled a loop in front of the Federal Building downtown, honking their horns.

Archive 05.28.2020

Protests in cars to be held at Sen. Collins’ Maine offices

WGME – 5/28/20

Car protests at Senator Susan Collins’ offices in Bangor, Lewiston and Portland will be held Thursday.

Protesters are asking for Congress to give Americans widespread access to affordable coronavirus treatments and vaccines.

Archive 05.28.2020

Car protesters at Collins’ offices demand action to thwart pandemic drug profiteering

Maine Beacon – 5/28/20

Demanding that Congress take action to stop Big Pharma from profiteering off any potential COVID-19 treatment or vaccine, dozens of Mainers protested in cars outside Sen. Susan Collins’ offices in Bangor, Lewiston and Portland on Thursday.

Press Release 05.27.2020

STATEMENT: Trump Move to Cap Insulin Prices Nothing More Than a Political Stunt

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, President Trump announced the White House had struck a deal with drug manufacturers to cap the price of insulin at $35 for diabetic Medicare enrollees. The Trump administration’s move, however, is nothing more than a political stunt designed to place a band-aid on a bullet wound. With more than 40 million people nationwide in need of affordable insulin, this proposal only does so for about 3 million Medicare-participating seniors.

Press Release 05.26.2020

National Advocates & Investors Call Out Merck & Co Ahead of Annual Shareholder Meeting: “This Pandemic Is No Time For Business As Usual”

WASHINGTON – Today, ahead of Merck & Co’s shareholder meeting, Lower Drug Prices Now joined with Merck shareholders, including Oxfam and the Oregon State Treasurer, to issue statements challenging the drug corporation’s record of price gouging and tax avoidance. Merck’s reliance on short-term schemes, such as using monopoly power to hike drug prices is particularly troubling since Merck is now developing a COVID vaccine with direct support from US taxpayers.

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