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Press Releases 08.07.2022

LDPN on Senate Passage Of The Inflation Reduction Act

We are now one, very important, step closer to a historic victory for consumers and a historic defeat for Big Pharma’s monopoly control over prescription drug prices.

LDPN in the News 07.11.2022

Quad-City Times: Grassley, Ernst explain opposition to Democratic prescription drug plan

DES MOINES — Iowa’s U.S. senators signaled opposition to a proposed plan from Senate Democrats aimed at lowering drug prices for Medicare recipients unveiled this week.

Sen. Joni Ernst and a spokesperson for Sen. Chuck Grassley, both Republicans, decried the plan as partisan in statements to the Lee Enterprises Des Moines Bureau.

LDPN in the News 07.01.2022

Lower Drug Prices Now on reports that Senate Democrats have reached a deal on prescription drug reform

This is a once in a generation chance for Democrats to finally deliver on their promises to lower drug prices. At a time when the price of everything is going up, this bill, if enacted, would finally rein in big Pharma’s price-gouging and make medicines more affordable for millions of Americans.

LDPN in the News 05.20.2022

Representative Susan Wild Leads Colleagues in Calling on Senate to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Washington, DC – Yesterday, Representative Susan Wild, a champion for cutting costs for the people of Pennsylvania’s Seventh District, sent a letter signed by 19 colleagues, calling for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Committee on Finance Chairman Ron Wyden to provide relief for Americans by taking action to lower prescription drug prices through a reconciliation bill.

Press Releases 03.31.2022

LDPN on House Bill: “Half-measures are not enough.”

Statement from Margarida Jorge, head of Lower Drug Prices Now – the leading campaign fighting to lower prescription drug prices – in response to House passage a bill to cap the cost of insulin:

This legislation is a positive step, but it falls far short of the kind of real reform that millions of Americans need for all kinds of health conditions.

Press Releases 03.10.2022

LDPN Response To Inflation Report: Time For Congress To Act

This report highlights what we already know: it is far past time for Congress to take immediate action to help lower the costs of everyday things in people’s lives. Congress can and should start with lowering drug prices, a policy that 9 out of 10 voters identify as important in the upcoming elections.

Press Releases 03.02.2022

There are 50 votes for prescription drug reform. Call the vote.

We are pleased that President Biden used his State of the Union Address to highlight the need to take action to lower the costs of prescription drugs. Our message to Democrats now is, get it done. Stop talking and start acting.

Thank You for standing with us to put people before Pharma Profits!

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