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Court Decision Rejecting Injunction to Medicare Negotiations Is a Win for Patients

Statement from Margarida Jorge, head of Lower Drug Prices Now—the leading campaign fighting to lower prescription drug prices—in response to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio rejecting the Chamber of Commerce’s request for an injunction to stop implementation of Medicare negotiations to lower drug prices: 

“The Court’s rejection of the Chamber of Commerce’s request to halt Medicare negotiations and roll back implementation of this historical new law sends a strong message to the prescription drug industry and their cronies:  stop suing and start negotiating!  

For decades, drug corporations and their lobby groups have fought any reform that would take away their monopoly power to set and keep prices high. Thanks to President Biden, Democrats in Congress and millions of average Americans demanding change, we finally have a law that will stop drug corporations’ price-gouging in Medicare and lower prices for millions of seniors and people with disabilities in Medicare. 

It’s time to forge forward in aggressively implementing the law and working toward expanding the reforms to cover more people who need affordable drugs even in the face of the industry’s frivolous lawsuits to derail long-overdue progress.” 

Thank You for standing with us to put people before Pharma Profits!

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