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State Partner News 09.06.2020

GUEST COLUMN: Rural residents depend on postal service

The Courier – 9/6/20

The mail has always been a lifeline for rural Americans to get access to health care. Last year, the postal service delivered over a billion prescriptions. Millions more now depend on the postal service for medicines because of coronavirus: There’s been a 21% increase since March in people getting medicines in the mail.

LDPN in the News 09.04.2020

Why Are Moderna Executives Selling Stock While Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine?

NPR – 9/4/20

“The insiders are making plenty of profit and they’re mostly doing it with our money,” said Margarida Jorge, a campaign director with the group Lower Drug Prices Now. “I’m absolutely for deploying public money in the interests of public health and the public good. But we don’t have any commitment from the administration that any of this investment is ultimately going to benefit real people.”

Press Releases 09.02.2020

Statement on the US refusing to join the WHO’s global COVID vaccine efforts

“The only way to beat a global pandemic is to get it under control everywhere, and that means we need vaccines that are safe, affordable and accessible to everyone. Instead of listening to public health experts about how to respond to a global pandemic, President Trump has repeatedly put politics ahead of our health, resulting in over 180,000 deaths and an economy in shambles.”

Press Releases 08.31.2020

Statement on vaccine trials cut short by political pressure

“Let’s be 100% clear on what is happening here: President Trump is putting his own political agenda and timeline ahead of science, reality and fact so he can create an ‘October Surprise’ and a vaccine before Election Day. Trump is not interested in the people’s health, he is only interested in the health of his re-election campaign. And in politicizing this process, he is putting public health at grave risk.”

Press Releases 08.28.2020

Statement on President Trump’s White House speech

“The world that President Trump described last night, one in which he is a populist warrior taking on the big drug corporations on behalf of the American people, does not exist anywhere outside of Trump’s own head.”

State Partner News 08.26.2020

Letter to the Editor: Lifesaving Medicines are Out of Our Reach

TAP into Barnegat/Waretown – 8/26/20

Press Releases 08.25.2020

Statement on President Trump’s missed deadline on most-favored nation Executive Order

“No one should be surprised by President Trump’s inaction on lowering drug prices. After three and a half years of endless empty rhetoric, he still hasn’t actually done anything to take away drug corporations’ power to charge whatever they want or help millions of people struggling to afford prescriptions medicines. This Executive Order was never about lowering drug prices for struggling patients. Full stop.”

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