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Statement on Trump’s claims about Regeneron’s antibody cocktail

Statement from Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now, in response to Trump’s claims about Regeneron’s antibody cocktail:

“Here we go again. With no evidence yet about its safety or efficacy, President Trump is claiming that the treatment that he was administered at the hospital is a ‘cure’ for COVID.

As in the case with hydroxychloroquine earlier this year, Trump is once again promoting an experimental medicine without any regard for the consequences to patients. It’s hard to take Trump’s endorsement of Regeneron’s treatment seriously when he and his friends are poised to profit. After Trump praised the latest supposed COVID ‘cure’, the stocks of Regeneron, which is run by a golfing buddy, soared.

Trump’s claim that he’ll make the treatment available for ‘free’ to everyone is laughable. While the Regeneron treatment may have been free for Trump, since he pays almost no taxes, taxpaying Americans have already contributed more than $450 million to Regeneron for its development.

Trump’s push to stack the Supreme Court with another anti-Obamacare justice increases the chances that the ACA will be overturned, leaving millions unable to afford any treatment for COVID.

Instead of pressuring the FDA to give emergency authorization to Regeneron, or doling out medical advice that could end up hurting patients, President Trump should focus on getting the COVID crisis under control. That means passing long overdue policies in Congress that would stop drug corporations from charging any price they want for medicines. Trump and the Senate should be working to expand access to affordable healthcare for the millions more people who are at increased risk of illness because of Trump’s failed response to the pandemic, not trying to take it away.”

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