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Archive 04.29.2020

Sen. Tillis should fight for public health, not his Big Pharma donors’ profits

The Progressive Pulse – 4/29/20

OPED by Margarida Jorge & Pat McCoy

Archive 04.29.2020

Iowa lobbying group pushes for coronavirus drug price controls

Daily Iowan – 4/29/2020

A petition on the Lower Drug Prices Now website calls for Congress to require fair and reasonable prices for drugs developed using taxpayer-funded research, prevent drug companies from gaining exclusive patent rights to coronavirus drugs, and disclose details of contracts between the government and drug corporations.”

Archive 04.29.2020

Golden, Pingree back plan to prevent pandemic profiteering by drug corporations

Maine Beacon – 4/29/2020

Democratic Reps. Jared Golden and Chellie Pingree say they support including safeguards against vaccine and treatment profiteering in future COVID-19 relief legislation.

There is a currently a proposal for legislation to require fair prices for all COVID-19 drugs or vaccines developed with taxpayer funds, require that no drug company be granted exclusivity for any COVID-19 vaccine or drug that may or may not be developed with taxpayer funds, and mandate that pharmaceutical manufacturers disclose how much public money they are using to create treatments and vaccines.

Press Release 04.24.2020

Congressmen Garcia & Horsford join Lower Drug Prices Now & Frontline Workers Tele-Town Hall Demanding No Pandemic Profiteering from Drug Corporations 

Leaders Urge Congress To Take Action In Next Relief Bill To Ensure All Workers Get Low Cost COVID Medicines

Congressmen Chuy Garcia and Steven Horsford joined Lower Drug Prices Now and frontline workers for a tele-town hall urging Congress to guarantee affordable medicines and vaccines for workers by preventing pandemic profiteering by drug corporations that received taxpayer funds for developing COVID treatments.

Press Release 04.23.2020

New Jersey Leaders, Rev. Dr. William Barber II Join Johnson & Johnson Accountability Town Hall to say No to Pandemic Profiteering

New Jersey — Today, Lower Drug Prices Now coalition partners Health Care Voter, New Jersey Citizen Action, and New Jersey Organizing Project joined together to tell Johnson & Johnson not to profiteer off of the coronavirus pandemic.

LDPN In the News 04.22.2020

Drug price alliance pushes lawmakers to ensure virus treatments are affordable

Roll Call – 4/22/20

A new drug pricing coalition will launch its first campaign Thursday, calling on lawmakers to ensure that vaccines or treatments for COVID-19 will be affordable for patients, according to information shared exclusively with CQ Roll Call.

Press Release 04.21.2020

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin and Lower Drug Prices Now hold Tele-Town Hall Demanding No Pandemic Profiteering from Drug Corporations

Leaders Urge Congress To Take Action In Next Relief Bill To Ensure Drug Companies Can’t Exploit This Crisis

Former Senator Tom Harkin joined Lower Drug Prices Now, local groups and Iowans directly impacted by COVID-19, for a tele-town hall Tuesday at 6:00pm CT to urge Congress to take action to prevent pandemic profiteering by drug companies charged with developing COVID treatments and vaccines.

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