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Press Release 08.25.2020

Statement on President Trump’s missed deadline on most-favored nation Executive Order

“No one should be surprised by President Trump’s inaction on lowering drug prices. After three and a half years of endless empty rhetoric, he still hasn’t actually done anything to take away drug corporations’ power to charge whatever they want or help millions of people struggling to afford prescriptions medicines. This Executive Order was never about lowering drug prices for struggling patients. Full stop.”

LDPN In the News 08.25.2020

Elizabeth Warren, others seek details of Warp Speed co-chief Moncef Slaoui’s contract

Washington Post – 8/25/20

“The HHS Office of Inspector General, responding to a complaint by the advocacy groups Public Citizen and Lower Drug Prices Now, said in July that Slaoui would be in his post for longer than 130 days, which did not qualify him as a “special government employee,” a designation that would have required him to make financial disclosures and follow conflict-of-interest rules.”

Press Release 08.24.2020

LDPN Billboard in Charlotte Tells Trump to Stop Interfering with Seniors’ Medicines

As President Trump and Republican delegates arrive today in Charlotte for the Republican National Convention, they’ll be greeted by a roving billboard criticizing Trump for failing to help seniors access their prescription medicines.

Press Release 08.20.2020

REPORT: How Big Pharma Corporations Are Profiteering From The Global COVID Pandemic Without A Vaccine

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Lower Drug Prices Now released a new report, “Pandemic Profiteering: How Pharma Insiders Are Using News of Government Awards and Trial Results to Boost Their Stock Prices and Profiteer Without a Vaccine,” that shows how Big Pharma corporate executives and industry insiders are profiteering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The report highlights how executives and insiders are using news of Operation Warp Speed contracts as well as clinical trial results to drive speculation, inflate stock prices and pocket hundreds of millions without any guarantee of a safe and effective vaccine.”

Archive 08.13.2020

Government should step in on drug prices

PBS NJTV – 8/13/20

In New Jersey, Assemblyman Jack McKeon says the state has battled the federal government to maintain a robust state exchange and has even sponsored a bill to tax plans for individuals and companies as a way to subsidize plans for poor and middle-class residents.

Press Release 08.12.2020

Statement on Moderna’s $1.5 bn vaccine deal with US

“The Trump administration has abandoned its responsibility to the American people, opting once again to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to a corporation that has refused to comply with basic disclosure requirements and has no proven track record. At a time when the public is desperate for a safe and successful vaccine, this administration continues to undermine the American people’s trust, handing over more of our tax dollars to corporations focused on inflating profits, not public health.”

Archive 08.12.2020

Survey finds New Jerseyans want elected leaders to rein in prescription drug, healthcare costs during COVID-19 pandemic

Insider NJ – 8/12/20

“The time for Congress to take on drug corporations’ monopoly price-gouging is long overdue,” said Margarida Jorge, Campaign Director for Lower Drug Prices Now. “As long as Congress keeps handing taxpayer funding for new COVID medicines and treatments to drug corporations with no strings attached, drug corporations will do what they always do: price gouge patients to inflate their profits just as they have in every other epidemic and public health crisis. Lawmakers must stand up to big Pharma business-as-usual and pass legislation to hold them accountable so that medicine is affordable for all.”

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