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Statement on President Trump’s missed deadline on most-favored nation Executive Order

Statement from Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now, on President Trump’s missed deadline to advance the administration’s most-favored nation Executive Order to lower prescription drug prices:

“No one should be surprised by President Trump’s inaction on lowering drug prices. After three and a half years of endless empty rhetoric, he still hasn’t actually done anything to take away drug corporations’ power to charge whatever they want or help millions of people struggling to afford prescriptions medicines. This Executive Order was never about lowering drug prices for struggling patients. Full stop. It was an opportunity for President Trump to do what he does best: stage a PR stunt to distract from his dwindling support from seniors and the almost 180,000 Americans that have died from the coronavirus on his watch. A serious proposal to lower drug prices and end drug corporations’ monopoly control of prescription drug prices requires coordinated action from Congress, not stunts from a President more interested in photo ops than taking on his Pharma cronies.”

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