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LDPN in the News 10.14.2019

Congress should set fair rules that force drug corporations to negotiate prices


As a pastor, I am deeply invested in the health and well being of my community. Every day, I pray for God to heal those who are sick, and to move our elected leaders to pass policies that end needless suffering.

In the Christian Bible, the Book of James teaches that faith without works is dead. Our religion exhorts us to take meaningful steps to heal the world even as we rely on God’s grace for our ultimate salvation. In politics, lip service without action is meaningless too.

LDPN in the News 10.03.2019

The Opioid Crisis Reflects Larger Big Pharma Norms


Prescription opioid overdoses have claimed more than 200,000 lives in the United States over the last decade, ravaging countless towns and cities and emerging as a case study for some of the worst corporate abuse in years.

LDPN in the News 09.05.2019

Words To Win By

Access to Medicines Broadcast with Margarida Jorge

In the U.S., the battle over drug prices is heating up to confront corporate greed and pay-to-play politics. We examine how audacious organizing and morally-centered messaging proved victorious decades ago and holds promise for building a movement to liberate us from living at pharma’s mercy.

LDPN in the News 08.09.2019

Drug importation won’t keep Big Pharma in check


This week, the Trump administration announced plans to allow Americans to access lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada at some point in the future. Although importing cheaper drugs is a step in the right direction, it does nothing to solve the crisis that millions of Americans struggling to afford the prescription medicine are facing right now.

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