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Press Releases 10.01.2020

Statement on Senate Republican’s vote to continue their anti-ACA crusade

“In the middle of a crisis that has needlessly cost millions their jobs — and hundreds of thousands their lives — Republicans are dead set on taking away access to affordable healthcare and consumer protections so they can give more tax breaks to pharmaceutical corporations.

Press Releases 09.30.2020

Statement responding to Trump’s false debate claims on drug prices

“Just like just about everything else he has said over the last five years, Donald Trump’s claims on lowering drug prices in last night’s debate, particularly his outrageous claim about insulin, were nothing but spin and lies. Calling insulin ‘cheap as water’ reveals just how out of touch this President is with the millions of Americans who must continue to ration critical medicines every single day because of Trump’s failure to follow through on his promises to hold Big Pharma accountable and lower drug prices.

Press Releases 09.29.2020

Statement on House Oversight hearings on drug pricing with Big Pharma CEOs

Drug corporations continue to raise drug prices to pad their profits, putting medicine out of reach for millions — even in the middle of a global pandemic that has claimed millions of people’s jobs, health care and over 200,000 American lives. In just the last six months alone, Big Pharma companies raised the prices of more than 850 drugs. The price of prescription drugs is increasing faster than any other medical good or service. Despite empty promises from President Trump and Republicans to lower prices, this Administration has done nothing to rein in Big Pharma’s monopoly control to charge patients ever higher prices for the medications they desperately need.

Press Releases 09.25.2020

Statement on President Trump’s proposal to send seniors $200 gift cards

Yet again, President Trump is trying to bribe his way to re-election. Sending $200 gift cards to seniors before the election is a poor substitute for continuing to let drug corporations jack up their medicine prices afterwards.

Press Releases 09.24.2020

Statement on President Trump’s “America First Health Care Plan”

“President Trump has had four years to uphold his promises to provide Americans with a ‘fantastic’ health plan. Now, 40 days out from the election, he’s announcing a string of executive orders that do nothing to provide people with the kind of coverage and security they need, especially in a pandemic.

Press Releases 09.21.2020

Statement on the news that HHS Secretary Azar is further politicizing the FDA

“Americans are scared, and for good reason. And this unprecedented and dangerous power grab by Health and Human Services Secretary Azar, a Trump appointee, won’t help. Nearly every action the Trump Administration has taken in recent weeks shows far more concern for the health and safety of the President’s re-election campaign than for the American people who are facing imminent harm because of COVID.

Press Releases 09.18.2020

Statement on reports that Pres. Trump wanted to send seniors “Trump Cards” in advance of the election

“After three years of broken promises, empty rhetoric, and flat out lies it appears that in an act of pure desperation, Donald Trump tried to force the drug companies to send seniors ‘Trump Cards’ with $100 on it in advance of the election.


Let’s be clear on what is happening here: Donald Trump is trying to deceive voters, seniors in particular, with election year stunts to hide the fact that he hasn’t delivered on his much-touted promise to lower drug prices. A new report issued yesterday shows that not only are drug prices not falling as the President claims, they are increasing faster than other medical goods or services.

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