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LDPN In the News 06.30.2020

What We Can Learn From The AIDS Crisis In The Race For A COVID-19 Vaccine

WBUR – 6/30/20

“One campaign fighting for global access and a free vaccine, Free the Vaccine, represents 29 countries and two organizations, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and the Center for Artistic Activism. Another is Lower Drug Prices Now, a U.S. coalition of nearly 60 social justice organizations.”

LDPN In the News 06.29.2020

Amid pandemic, all should be covered

Des Moines Register – 6/29/20

LTE by Helene Golden, Cedar Rapids

LDPN In the News 06.26.2020

The Trump team gives these 5 Big Pharma price gougers big taxpayer money for COVID-19 vaccines

Front Page Live – 6/26/20

The COVID pandemic reminds us that we are all human, we can all get sick, and sometimes we all need prescription medications to feel better and take care of our families.

But for Big Pharma and all their friends in the Trump Administration, today’s crisis is just another chance to price gouge patients trying to stay healthy.

At Lower Drug Prices Now, we have uncovered the five big drug corporations addicted to price gouging and poised to profit off future COVID vaccines. While the Trump Administration is funneling them billions for research through secret contracts and special tax breaks, there is a growing army of people demanding that we hold Big Pharma accountable for inflating their profits at the expense of our health.

LDPN In the News 06.24.2020

Big pharma is taking big money from U.S. taxpayers to find a coronavirus vaccine — and charge whatever they want for it

Market Watch – 6/24/20

Congress must act now to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines and treatments are affordable

Americans need to have full confidence that decision-makers at the highest levels of government are acting in the interest of their health and well-being.

Since the start of the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, the U.S. government has funneled more than  $10 billion in taxpayer dollars to pharmaceutical companies through contracts for the expedited innovation of a vaccine. So far, the government’s investment has been made with no strings attached, not even a guarantee that any vaccines and treatments will be affordable to the people who need them.

LDPN In the News 06.18.2020

Drug Makers Have Even Less Reason to Fear Price Reform Now

Bloomberg Law – 6/18/20

Margarida Jorge, a campaign director for the coalition Lower Drug Prices Now, is skeptical the industry will set affordable prices. “We couldn’t trust them on EpiPens,” she says. “Why on Earth would we think that we could trust the prescription drug industry to create a vaccine that they would then price at a fair rate.” Almost 9 in 10 U.S. adults say they’re concerned the drug industry will leverage the pandemic to raise prices, shows a poll from Gallup and West Health released on June 18.

LDPN In the News 06.09.2020

An avalanche of drug news … but where’s the data?

Politico Pulse – 6/9/20

“Mergers and consolidation in the drug space usually end badly for consumers said Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now. Affordable vaccines and treatments should be a priority during the Covid-19 pandemic but “we can’t do that if they’re not affordable because massive drug conglomerates are allowed to charge any price they want,” Jorge said in a statement.”

LDPN In the News 06.09.2020

HHS To Run Out Of Remdesivir This Month; Unclear If Next Supply Free

Inside Health Policy – 6/9/20

The federal government this month will run out of the only drug shown to help COVID-19 patients recover, and it is not clear whether Gilead will continue to provide new supplies of remdesivir to HHS for free. HHS will send out its last batch of remdesivir to states on June 29, an HHS official told Inside Health Policy, though it will reserve less than 10% of its supply in case “hotspots emerge in the coming weeks.”

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