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LDPN in the News 05.28.2020

Maine Beacon

Maine Beacon podcast interviewed campaign director Margarida Jorge LDPN: The grassroots campaign to stop drug corporations from profiteering off the pandemic (podcast rebroadcast on 6 local radio stations).

LDPN in the News 05.28.2020

Watchdog groups want Trump’s coronavirus vaccine czar to disclose all pharma ties

The Hill – 5/28/20 

“According to an ethics complaint filed with the Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General by Public Citizen and the advocacy group Lower Drug Prices Now, Slaoui should be considered a government employee.”

LDPN in the News 05.28.2020

Ethics complaint filed to force Trump’s COVID-19 Vaccine Czar — a former pharma exec — to submit to ethics rules

Raw Story – 5/28/20 

“Slaoui’s blatant ties to Big Pharma, including the very drug corporations he’s funneling money to, should make even the Trump administration blush,” said Margarida Jorge, campaign director of Lower Drug Prices Now.”

LDPN in the News 05.28.2020

Ethics complaint filed to force Trump’s COVID-19 Vaccine Czar — a former pharma exec — to submit to ethics rules

Common Dreams – 5/28/20

“Trump has put a pharmaceutical executive in charge of handing out the government contracts for coronavirus vaccine development. How could this possibly go wrong?”

LDPN in the News 05.21.2020

AstraZeneca secures orders for virus vaccine under testing

Minneapolis Star Tribune – 5/21/20

Margarida Jorge, the campaign director of the pressure group, Lower Drug Prices Now, challenged the decision of U.S. authorities to hand over money for the vaccine development. Jorge said the U.S. Congress should insist that any drugs developed with taxpayer investments be provided at no additional cost.

“Beating COVID depends on ensuring these medicines will be affordable,” Jorge said in a statement. “Instead, the Trump Administration continues to give drug corporations monopoly control over prices to profiteer off the pandemic.”

LDPN in the News 05.20.2020

Reps. Gwen Moore, Donna Edwards Joined Wisconsin Leaders to Demand Affordable COVID Treatments & Vaccines

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Washington – Today, the Lower Drug Prices Now coalition hosted a tele-town hall featuring Wisconsin Representative Gwen Moore, former Representative Donna Edwards, Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, and Gary Mitchell, President of the Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans to demand affordable COVID drugs and accountability for drug corporations that are profiteering off of the coronavirus pandemic.

LDPN in the News 05.19.2020

Dubious history for leader of new made-in-America drug venture

Politico – 5/19/20

“Skeptics swiftly questioned bestowing a massive BARDA grant on a startup run by Edwards.

“They’re gearing up to give the largest award in history to a corporate executive who quintupled the price of naloxone in the middle of the opioid epidemic,” said Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now. “Yet again, the administration is handing over taxpayer dollars away to a drug corporation with no strings attached and no guarantee that we’ll get affordable access to the medicines developed with our money.”

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