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LDPN in the News 05.19.2020

CEO tapped by Trump to make generics during pandemic has dicey record

Stat News – 5/19/20

“But one consumer advocate, Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now, slammed the decision.

“This White House seems to have an open spigot of taxpayer dollars going to drug corporations that profiteer off pandemics. They’re gearing up to give the largest award in history to a corporate executive who quintupled the price of (an overdose antidote) in the middle of the opioid epidemic,” she said. “Yet again, the administration is handing over taxpayer dollars to a drug corporation with no strings attached and no guarantee that we’ll get affordable access to the medicines developed with our money.”

LDPN in the News 05.11.2020

No one should have monopoly on potential vaccine

Des Moines Register – 5/11/20

LTE by Dr. Selden Spencer, Ames

LDPN in the News 05.07.2020

Ernst still has a ways to go

Des Moines Register – 5/7/20

LTE by Jerry Hageman, Waterloo

LDPN in the News 04.22.2020

Drug price alliance pushes lawmakers to ensure virus treatments are affordable

Roll Call – 4/22/20

A new drug pricing coalition will launch its first campaign Thursday, calling on lawmakers to ensure that vaccines or treatments for COVID-19 will be affordable for patients, according to information shared exclusively with CQ Roll Call.

LDPN in the News 04.17.2020

Lawmakers prep drug pricing wishlist for next relief package

Politico Prescription Pulse – 4/17/2020

“Skeptics argued that the pledge has its  limits, such as not-for-profit being on an emergency basis, not generally. J&J has also secured more than $600 million in government funding for its vaccine and antiviral efforts, leading some to argue the government should have an ultimate say in price.

“It really shouldn’t be up to the prescription drug companies,” said Margarida Jorge, national campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now. “It’s like not this thing is going anywhere. We’re going to need it and we’re going to need it for the long term, like with the polio vaccine.”

LDPN in the News 03.26.2020

Trump’s friends in Big Pharma are poised to make a killing off coronavirus

Front Page Live – 3/26/20

A few weeks ago, Matt Colvin of Tennessee was the subject of massive national outrage. Colvin’s crime? Buying up 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer and selling them at a massive markup on Amazon. Colvin’s actions were worthy of the outrage. But Americans should direct the bulk of anger at Big Pharma corporations and their allies in the White House. These pharma profiteers are preparing to price gauge COVID-19 patients on a massive scale.

LDPN in the News 03.26.2020

Our moral obligation to health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Religion News Service – 3/26/20

OPED by Rev. Liz Theoharris

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