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Millions of people of all ages and all backgrounds have to choose every day between paying for prescription medicine and buying groceries or other basic necessities because prescription drug corporations have monopoly power to price-gouge us on prescriptions that we need to manage our health. These corporations charge Americans 2-3 times more for brand name drugs than people in other countries pay for the exact same medicine. While their profits soar, patients suffer health harms from delayed treatments, skipped doses, and the inability to access the prescriptions they need.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In 2022, President Biden and Democrats in Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act to make historic changes to Medicare, the healthcare program for seniors and people with disabilities who use the most prescriptions. Thanks to the new law, drug corporations now face penalties for raising their prices faster than inflation, Medicare will have the authority to negotiate lower prices for some of the most expensive drugs people use, and patients’ out of pocket costs will be capped for the first time in history. Millions will benefit, but tens of millions more still need relief and lower costs for their prescriptions. Every story below makes the case for why Congress must take more action to lower drug prices now.

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Pastor Greg Lewis

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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