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Adams, New Jersey

MaryJane is a mom in New Jersey. Her son, Jayden, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes when he was 10 years old in 2013. She never imagined the high prices of diabetic supplies that he would need to stay alive each month. A three months supply of insets and reservoirs (the tubing in the pump that you put the insulin in) is $900. His life-saving insulin is another $60 a month. Additional supplies like test strips and prickers are another $30 a month. Altogether, that’s almost $400 a month out of pocket—and that’s with insurance picking up the rest.

MaryJane believes that drug corporations should not be allowed to charge unbelievable monthly costs to keep diabetic people like Jayden alive. A parent should not have to pay these astronomical prices for life-sustaining medicines and supplies. The struggle of affording the supplies and medicines has been an incredible stress on MaryJane’s family, especially her son.

It’s time for Congress to make life-saving medicines affordable so we can take care of our children and families.

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