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Mark Facknitz

Rockingham County, Virginia

For Mark Facknitz, an emeritus professor from James Madison University in Virginia, Eliquis was the blood thinner that finally worked. Unfortunately, it was also much more expensive than Warfarin or any of his other medications. 

“Were Eliquis reasonably priced I would not, in the course of the year, hit the so-called donut hole,” Facknitz said. “But now I am in it as Eliquis is costing me about $480 for a three-month supply.  Apparently, that’s 25% of the negotiated price.  My out-of-pocket costs this year will exceed $3,400.”  

Because Facknitz has atrial fibrillation and other issues, he also takes metoprolol, flecainide, Nexium, and Pravastatin. All of those medications combined cost him $50 per month. He hopes that Eliquis will also someday be reasonably priced thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act that will finally enable Medicare to negotiate a lower price for Eliquis, one of the most expensive medicines in the Medicare Part D program and that lawmakers will take action to lower drug prices across the board so that millions more people can afford their medicines.

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