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Social Media Toolkit: Big Pharma’s Medicare Lawsuits

Summary: We can’t trust pharmaceutical corporations to charge fair prices for critical medicines we need to manage our health. Whether it’s insulin, asthma inhalers or cancer medicines, drug corporations have spent decades price-gouging patients in order to boost profits

Now, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which holds Big Pharma accountable for raising their prices faster than inflation and which enables Medicare to negotiate for lower prices on the most expensive medicines in Part D is threatening those profits. The new law lowers drug prices and makes medicines affordable for millions of seniors and people with disabilities. 

Drug corporations won’t give up big profits without a fight. Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Novo Nordisk as well as mega lobbying group PhRMA and the US Chamber of Commerce are suing Medicare to and trying to overturn the law. We can’t let them win! Join us in telling Big PhRMA to drop their lawsuits and start negotiating lower prices.

Hashtags: #BigPharma, #LowerDrugPricesNow, #MedicareNegotiations

Sample Content

#BigPharma is holding onto their price-gouging power as hard as they can, filing multiple lawsuits to overturn a new law and stop Medicare from negotiating #LowerDrugPricesNow.
THAT is what it looks like to put profits over patients.

📣 Name them and shame them! 📣 These SEVEN #BigPharma corporations are suing Medicare to try and halt negotiations for lower drug prices:
🚫 Novo Nordisk
🚫 Boehringer Ingelheim
🚫Bristol Myers Squibb

TELL BIG PHARMA: It’s time to STOP suing and START negotiating lower prescription drug prices.
Their baseless lawsuits to stop Medicare from negotiating will not stand.

For many seniors and people with disabilities, trips to the pharmacy can be huge financial stressors.
Medicare’s negotiation for #LowerDrugPricesNow would help take some of that stress away.
That’s exactly why #BigPharma is suing to stop it.

#BigPharma’s lawsuits to stop Medicare from negotiating #LowerDrugPricesNow prove one thing: they’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto their monopoly price setting power.


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