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Statement on the news that HHS Secretary Azar is further politicizing the FDA

Statement from Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now, on the news that HHS Secretary Azar is further politicizing the FDA:


“Americans are scared, and for good reason. And this unprecedented and dangerous power grab by Health and Human Services Secretary Azar, a Trump appointee, won’t help. Nearly every action the Trump Administration has taken in recent weeks shows far more concern for the health and safety of the President’s re-election campaign than for the American people who are facing imminent harm because of COVID.


Poll after poll shows that the public trusts America’s scientists and scientific institutions way more President Trump and his yes-men to make decisions about public health and safety. The best thing Trump could do to ensure that Americans have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine — something that’s critical to ending this pandemic — is to get his politics out of our health care and let the experts do their jobs. Unfortunately, Trump continues to prioritize his October Surprise ploy rather than making sure that a potential vaccine is safe, effective and affordable so we can end the health crisis and get the country back on track.”

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