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Statement on reports that Pres. Trump wanted to send seniors “Trump Cards” in advance of the election

Statement from Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now, on the New York Times story stating President Trump wanted to send seniors “Trump Cards” in advance of the election:


“After three years of broken promises, empty rhetoric, and flat out lies it appears that in an act of pure desperation, Donald Trump tried to force the drug companies to send seniors ‘Trump Cards’ with $100 on it in advance of the election.


Let’s be clear on what is happening here: Donald Trump is trying to deceive voters, seniors in particular, with election year stunts to hide the fact that he hasn’t delivered on his much-touted promise to lower drug prices. A new report issued yesterday shows that not only are drug prices not falling as the President claims, they are increasing faster than other medical goods or services.


Three years after promising to make the drug companies negotiate lower prices, millions still have to choose between medicine and other critical needs — and it’s only getting worse in today’s global pandemic. This latest political ploy just confirms what the President’s actions have already proven: he cares about his poll numbers, not about making medicines affordable.”

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