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Statement on Moderna’s $1.5 bn vaccine deal with US

Statement from Margarida Jorge, campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now, on Moderna’s $1.5 billion COVID vaccine deal with the U.S.

“The Trump administration has abandoned its responsibility to the American people, opting once again to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to a corporation that has refused to comply with basic disclosure requirements and has no proven track record. At a time when the public is desperate for a safe and successful vaccine, this administration continues to undermine the American people’s trust, handing over more of our tax dollars to corporations focused on inflating profits, not public health. This is a company that has admitted that although 100% of its covid vaccine is taxpayer funded, its executives still plan to profit off of patients. While Moderna has never brought a product to market, its executives and insiders have already made $200 million off stock speculation. Any COVID vaccine or medicines developed with our taxpayer dollars must be made accessible to everyone. Congress needs to get off the sidelines and take action to protect patients from Big Pharma’s pandemic profiteering.”

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