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New reporting from the NY Times and Sludge revealed that Big Pharma and the Trump administration are working together to profit off of the coronavirus crisis.

The following is a statement from Margarida Jorge, national campaign director for Lower Drug Prices Now:

“The explosive report in the New York Times showing that President Trump has financial ties to the company making a version of the experimental drug he is pushing raises serious ethical, moral and legal questions that need to be immediately investigated by Congress. Is Trump personally profiting from this crisis? Is he helping his buddies in the pharmaceutical industry profiteer from the pandemic? Given the all too cozy relationship that his administration has with Big Pharma, these questions need to be thoroughly investigated.

“Drug corporations have for years lobbied Washington lawmakers to keep the prices of life-saving drugs sky-high. Now it’s clear that these companies are working with Trump, his donors, and others in his administration to gouge Americans in their most desperate moment despite safety concerns about the drug. We deserve to know who’s working for the people, and who’s working for Big Pharma.”

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