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Lower Drug Prices Now Statement: Black Lives Matter

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Lower Drug Prices Now joins our partners, allies and people all over the world as we grieve and mobilize over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arberty, and so many more of our sisters, brothers and trans family members who are casualties of racism and white supremacy. We stand with their families and with the many activists, protesters, and leaders who are on the front lines of the fight to end racist policing, violence against communities of color and the legacies of racism, colonialism and discrimination that have long denied life, liberty and equality to millions of people.

More than ever, we reaffirm our mission to dismantle the structures of white supremacy and enact a better future. And, we join in solidarity with the impacted families and communities to mourn and march,  re-committing to our values and our responsibilities as part of the Movement for Black Lives, embracing the leadership of the most impacted people in the biggest fight of our lifetimes.

As individuals and as a coalition, our values and destinies are tied to systematic transformation that will finally eradicate racism and realize equality and justice for communities of color. In all we do, we commit to show up powerfully and lead with the conviction that Black Lives Matter in our work, on our streets and in our homes. 

As the Movement for Black Lives accelerates long-overdue changes, Lower Drug Prices Now will be there to organize, to rally, to march and to take a knee for those we have lost in the long struggle to end systemic racism. In his powerful eulogy at the memorial service for George Floyd in Houston, Reverend Al Sharpton introduced the family members of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and other survivors of racial violence. As a coalition, we repeat their names in affirmation that Black Lives Matter, and we recommit to throw down all we can toward our shared cause in this fight for as long as it takes.


Thank You for standing with us to put people before Pharma Profits!

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