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Build Back Better is insufficient without Rx pricing reform

Statement from Margarida Jorge, head of Lower Drug Prices Now, in response to the release of the Build Back Better framework:

While some parts of the Build Back Better framework may be historic, without meaningful prescription drug reform that enables the federal government to negotiate lower prices we cannot truly build back better as a nation.

“Letting Big Pharma keep their monopoly power to price-gouge patients on everything from insulin to cancer drugs means that millions of Americans continue to face tough choices between putting food on their table and taking the prescriptions they need to stay alive.

“To build back better, lawmakers must stand up to Big Pharma, rather than protect the status quo that enables drug corporations to continue making massive profits while workers, employers, and patients struggle to get access to affordable medicines.

“Democrats still have a huge opportunity to deliver on a promise they have been making for decades to lower drug prices. They should not toss it away to accommodate Republicans and a handful of Pharma-backed Democrats in the House and Senate who support Big Pharma’s interests over those of their own constituents. We urge lawmakers in Congress to amend this framework to include serious reform and keep their promise to lower drug prices.

“Dropping meaningful negotiations from Build Back Better is bad policy and bad politics. Requiring Medicare negotiations to lower drug prices is by far the most popular part of the build back better plan. A Build Back Better package that leaves drug corporations in charge of drug prices while one third of Americans ration or go without medicine is a victory for Pharma, not for the rest of us.

Thank You for standing with us to put people before Pharma Profits!

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